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Mensaje de año nuevo de 2016 del DHKP-C (Partido-Frente Revolucionario de Liberación Popular)

Nota: A continuación publicamos este importante documento del DHKP-C con una traducción al castellano de lo más destacado. Lo traducido a castellano lo publicamos en rojo.

The Party-Front’s 2016 New Year Message

The Front is the only force that can take revolution in Anatolia to victory!
Our war is the liberation war of the peoples of Anatolia! We are continuing this war and spreading it to all parts of Anatolia! We fight with the honour of being from the Party-Front! The war of the Party-Front is about power! We march along, strengthening the Party-Front! We are fighting for power!
El Frente es la única fuerza que puede llevar la revolución en Anatolia a la victoria!
Nuestra guerra es la guerra de liberación de lospueblos de Anatolia! Estamos continuando con estaguerra y pretendemos extenderla a todas las partesde Anatolia! Luchamos con el honor de pertenecer al Partido-Frente! La guerra del Partido-Frente es la guerra por poder! Marchamos, fortalecimiento elPartido-Frente! Estamos luchando por el poder!
Comrades, our friends and our people! 
If we do not want to live under the repression and tyranny of fascism, we must step up the war. 
And we will. We continued to create new traditions in 2015. 
We paid a price and we captured new positions. We became more expert. 
We had our claims, or targets and our dreams; some we achieved, some we did not.   
We continued to increase the fears of imperialism and the oligarchy with our campaigns, our persistent struggle and our actions.We gave hope and confidence to the people with our actions for justice which cheered the hearts of all the people in the world who are rebelling. 
If our people are aware of tyranny, we also increased their awareness of the people’s fighters for justice. 
We even increased the enemy’s fears with our deaths. To say farewell to our comrade Gunay Ozarslan according to our traditions, we needed to resist street by street for 80 hours. (Translator’s note: incident in July 2015, Istanbul/Gazi) Against the organised force of the people they experienced defeat: the sons and daughters of the people took control of the streets and prevented the enemy moving freely in the streets of Gazi. 
What this resistance has left to us is determination, refusal to give in, the dynamism of the fighter and discipline. But the most important is the participation of the people in the resistance. In the 80 hours of resistance the people were involved, including entire families, men and women, aged 7 to 70.
While the enemy tries to boost his morale by sowing fear through committing massacres, by standing up for our right to hold a funeral our fighters showed willpower and labour and turned the enemy’s own massacres into a weapon against him. Once again the murderers lost and we will spread this 80 hour resistance to all neighbourhoods. 
We will win with our martyrs! We will triumph!
Because it is not those who fight against the people who hold legitimacy but those who fight for the people.

En 2015, la represión y la crueldad del fascismo hicieron necesario intensificar la guerra y el Partido-Frente lo hizo. Se crearon nuevas tradiciones, se pagaron precios altos y también se conquistaron nuevas posiciones. También se ha aumentado el miedo del imperialismo a las campañas de P-F, a la lucha persistente y hasta los militantes muertos les dan miedo. P-F triunfara porque la legitimidad no la tienen los que luchan contra el pueblo, sino los que luchan a favor del pueblo.

What kind of world do we live in?
Hunger, poverty, exploitation and plunder, repression and tyranny; we live in a world where all of these increase on a daily basis. This year too the poverty, repression and tyranny we experience did not decrease. Indeed it increased in comparison with what we experienced the previous year. Living witnesses to this are ourselves as well as those who saw dead children washed up on our shores. 
They killed us while staring into our eyes…
America created the gang of looters called ISIL, fed them with the hands of the AKP, and now claim to be organising operations against ISIL. Again, they are continuing to make the peoples bleed, and are occupying their countries. 
ISIL, the monster of their own creation, has now at last been found in their own brightly lit capital cities outside of the regions impoverished and isolated by embargoes and where the peoples are encouraged to attack one another. In Paris dozens from the people were made to pay the price. 
And this is the world in which we live. They slaughter, plunder and occupy… We die everywhere. Sometimes by the dozen, sometimes by the hundred…
But in a world under an enormous siege, we are fighting…
We might be fighting alone, but we are not alone. The honourable history of the world’s peoples, the labour of the world’s peoples and the longing and the strength for an honourable future are with us…
We are the hope of the people, not millions but billions. The thoughts of those who say “imperialism has changed” have been shown to be bankrupt. Imperialism continues to spill the blood of the peoples and continues to occupy their countries. It can give the peoples nothing other than blood and tears. 
This is the Middle East, Syria, and on its soil where they have intervened hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions made refugees! It is none other than imperialism that is responsible for this. There has been no change in the contradictions between imperialism and the peoples. Nor will there be, without one defeating the other. 
So for this reason we do not seek conciliation. We will not be the victims of imperialism and the collaborators, we will be their executioners!

En que mundo vivimos?

Vivimos en el mundo en el que el hambre, la pobreza, la explotación, el expolio, la  represión y la crueldad aumentan diariamente. Fuimos testigos de esto al ver a los niños muertos arrastrados por las olas a nuestras playas. EEUU creo la banda criminal de ISIS y lo alimentó con la mano de AKP.  Ellos matan, expolian y ocupan... Nosotros morimos. El imperialismo derrama la sangre y no puede ofrecer a los pueblos nada más que sangre y lagrimas. Esto es lo que pasa en Siria, cientos de miles han muerto y millones se han convertido a refugiados. No ha habido cambio en la contradicción entre los pueblos y el imperialismo, ni lo puede haber hasta que uno gane al otro. Nosotros no buscamos la reconciliación. No seremos victimas del imperialismo y sus colaboradores, seremos sus verdugos.

Whatever may happen we will use any available weapon to resist imperialism!
How we shook them with the action yesterday attacking the US embassy in Ankara…Today too we are continuing to step up our war on imperialism. The expression of our anger is the way that in Istanbul Istinye, our fighters organised an attack on the American consulate where even the construction materials were brought from other countries and the eagle’s nest was specially constructed. (Translator’s note: reference to incident in August 2015) Our 51-year-old female fighter and the Kalashnikov in her hand were the expressions of this anger and grudge. When she ran out of bullets, she shouted that she would not surrender and began throwing stones. Hers was the anger of millions. A statement of class consciousness. The continuation of the anti-imperialist tradition from Mahir to today. 
The voice from Kizildere, “We did not come here to turn back but to die” was made concrete in the stones she threw.   
What kind of country are we fighting for? 
The fascist AKP government is continuing its tyranny with the strength and support it gets from the masters. It does not even heed its own laws; it steals, plunders, humiliates our people and kills our children. This is not enough, so it gives awards to the killers. It attacks our Kurdish people and 90 years of operations aimed at their destruction are continuing. 
With the elections the AKP government was returned to office. It continued to deceive the people with demagogy and lies. By joining in the election game, the Kurdish nationalists, opportunists and reformists created a basis for legitimising the demagogy. 
We were not surprised by the AKP winning the elections. This was because we know the neo-colonial reality of our country. But even those who announce themselves as being revolutionaries and left-wingers and know this reality joined in the game. While the left and petit bourgeois intellectuals remain surprised, this reality did not surprise us. Because we know fascism’s democracy game. We knew that our people were denied an alternative. We knew that fascism will not be defeated at the ballot box, it will be defeated with weapons, revolution will be made with weapons and protected with weapons. 
We said “Those who do not resist rot, those who do not fight die.” Politically, the left in Turkey has died. There is no other explanation for how the left could willingly succumb to a project designed to pull it inside the system, to see hope in parliament or in being ground troops for imperialism in the Middle East. This is nothing other than the dead end presented by nationalism. There is no other explanation for how they cannot even lay claim to their dead, or demand a reckoning. 
We owe it to Suruc, Ankara and the Kurdish provinces to take responsibility for war and to demand a reckoning.

Pase lo que pase, usaremos todas las armas contra el imperialismo!

Una militante llevó a cabo un ataque a la embajada de EEUU para expresar la rabia de los millones de personas. AKP continua su tiranía con el apoyo de sus amos sin respetar siquiera sus propias leyes: roba, saquea, humilla a nuestro pueblo y mata a nuestros niños. Además, premia a los asesinos, ataca a nuestro pueblo Kurdo continuando con la destrucción. Al volver a la oficina, ha continuado su política demagógica. La misma política que los partidos Kurdos legitiman al entrar en el juego de elecciones. A nosotros no nos sorprende que AKP gane porque conocemos muy bien la realidad neocolonial del nuestro país. Lo que sorprende son los partidos que a si mismos se llaman revolucionarios y entran en este juego aunque ellos mismos también conocen la realidad.  A nuestro pueblo se le niega la alternativa y nosotros sabemos que el fascismo no se derroca votando sino con armas. Revolución será armada y será protegida por las armas.  Dijimos "Los que no resisten se pudren, lo que no luchan mueren" - la izquierda Turca ha muerto.

The wheel of history is turning, the war of our peoples for equality, freedom and justice continues!
We are entering a new year with new hopes and new aims. We will turn our dreams into reality. We will remove our deficiencies and step up our aims. Our aims are as great as our dreams, the strength of our claims are on the scale of the world. Nothing is impossible for revolutionaries.
 The war of the Party-Front is about power! We march along, strengthening the Party-Front
 We are fighting for power
Our road is long, our duty great!
We have set out on the road of liberation for our peoples and the independence of our homeland. We are struggling for independence, democracy and socialism. We have been at war for 46 years for this, not shrinking from any sacrifice, sacrificing blood and lives. In this process we have given more than 600 martyrs. And it is no exaggeration that tens of thousands of our people have experienced torture and imprisonment. 
From the THKP-C to Devrimci Sol to today, if we have represented hope, it is in the number of our prisoners and martyrs above all. Our foreheads are clear, our heads are high. We have not put the people who trust us with this war by giving us their sons and daughters to shame, nor will we do so. 
Our history is written in blood,it is the guarantee of the promises we have given to our people, and the confidence in our aims for the future. 
Yes, we are going into the new year of struggle with new hopes and new aims. 
We will organise millions. All impoverished neighbourhoods will belong to us. For this, we will spread our war to the whole of Anatolia. We will be wherever our people breathe and live.

Luchamos por la liberación de nuestro pueblo y por la independencia de nuestra patria. Luchamos por democracia y socialismo durante 46 años durante los cuales dimos más de 600 mártires.

All mountains and cities will be ours!
There is not a mountain peak or a city street where we will not plant a foot, not an inch of soil we will not tread, not a house where we will not knock on the door. 
This is not just a promise, it is what we stand for. Up to the present we have done everything we said we would do. After this let there be nobody who doubts that our words and our actions are the same. We will step up Anatolia’s revolution. 
The Front is the only force that can take revolution in Anatolia to victory!
This is because in many areas it is the first to pay the price in arrest, torture, imprisonment and martyrs. These are the costs of revolution and freedom. The Front openly says that there cannot be a revolutionary organisation that does not face up to such costs. The Front has proved that it can pay the price with its leadership, cadres and supporters. In giving this confidence it is the name of hope, liberation and the future.   
It is not patriotic to refrain from fighting against imperialism and fascism
In the revolution of all countries, all struggles, without a high feeling of patriotism and without great love for the people and national values, it has not been possible to organise broad masses of the people against imperialism and fascism and achieve victory. 
The peoples take their existence from their cultures, national identities and homelands and are formed through living with these values. When a people or nation is deprived of these cultures and values formed over centuries, and are deprived of values and feelings, only a robot-like life is left and the peoples cannot accept such a life.
The ideological, economic, political and cultural hegemony of imperialism is essentially about making the peoples surrender on these points, destroying their national cultures through isolation, causing them to lose confidence in themselves and making them succumb to depression, as a result of which imperialists can play any games they wish with the peoples.

En todos los países del mundo, sin sentimiento patriótico y sin un amor profundo por el pueblo y los valores nacionales, no es posible organizar a las masas contra el imperialismo y el fascismo. El pueblo toma sus valores desde su cultura; identidad nacional y la patria se forma a través de la vida con estos valores. Cuando se priva de los valores forjados durante siglos, y cuando se privan de los sentimientos, solo la vida parecida a un robot se queda. Hegemonía ideológica, económica, política y cultural del imperialismo, se trata de someter al pueblo y destruir sus culturas nacionales a través de aislamiento, haciéndoles perder la confianza en si mismos y como resultado, el imperialismo puede hacer lo que le da la gana.

We will alter this “pre-ordained fate”. The peoples are not doomed to captivity!
We want to live in a free country, as a free people. We want a country without exploitation and tyranny. This is the basic right of Turkey and of all the peoples of the world. We are fighting to be able to make use of this right. We are dying for the sake of our rights. We have a right to live in our country in freedom. We will liberate every inch of our land. 
How will we do this? 
With love of the people and the homeland. We will succeed with the strength and class anger we gain from our history and our martyrs. 
Love of the people is organising the people. We expend our labour and pay a price for what we love.      
Who are the people? The people are ours, mothers and fathers, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, workers, students, inhabitants of poor neighbourhoods, villagers, miners… everyone whose interests are represented by revolution. We do not want those we love to be prisoners of exploitation and tyranny. We do not want them to be hungry, unemployed, deprived of education and homeless. We protect those we love with our lives. If we do not organise them, our love is not a genuine one.

To love the people means to organise them. Those who do not organise the people, and do not struggle, can have no love of the people. They are strangers to their class and are corrupted. They have forgotten their history. They are cut off from their roots and are like leaves that have fallen from the tree branches. They go wherever the wind should blow them. They fall far from their homeland and their soil.

Queremos vivir en un país libre como un pueblo libre, sin expolio y tiranía. Como lo vamos a hacer? A través del amor por el pueblo y la patria, organizaremos al pueblo. Los que no se organizan no pueden tener amor por su pueblo y patria. Son extraños a sus clases y son unos corruptos.

What is the homeland?
Certainly it is not simply the soil we live on. The homeland is the soil that the peoples live on economically, culturally, historically and socially. The homeland is the soil where we experience our pains and our loves, our hopes, where we shed the sweat of our labour and where we are either satiated or we go hungry.
This is our people, this is our homeland.

Que es la patria?

Seguramente no es solo la superficie en la que vivimos. Patria es la tierra en la que la gente vive económicamente, culturalmente, históricamente y socialmente. Patria es la tierra en la que sentimos el dolor y el amor, nuestras esperanzas, donde trabajamos, donde estamos saciados o hambrientos.

The people is our great family, the homeland is our great house. It is the place of our parents, spouses and friends. Our graves are on this soil. 
The homeland is our mother! The homeland must be made our own as our mother is. We will be wherever the homeland is made our own. 
Patriotism is not simply love for the soil. it is the wish and will for that soil to be independent, free, and for life on it to be an honourable one. Uncle (translator’s note: reference to Dursun Karatas, veteran revolutionary from Turkey who died in exile in Holland) says, “it is impossible to be a revolutionary without being patriotic.” It is for this that people can sacrifice themselves, for patriotism, for the people living on the soil of the homeland. This wish, this will, this self-sacrifice are made concrete in the Party-Front.

El patriotismo no es solo el amor por la tierra. Es el deseo y la voluntad para que la tierra sea independiente, libre y que la vida encima de ella sea honrada.

The Party-Front is the revolution of Anatolia! 
Uncle has left us the legacy of a revolutionary organisation with principles, rules and a fighting spirit… the legacy to us is of a Leninist conception of organisation which struggles against every form of distortion… the legacy is one of confidence and principles in the internal workings of the organisation. The legacy to us is programmed work behaviour and collectivism. The legacy to us is the Party-Front understanding of belief, enthusiasm, responsibility and self-sacrifice. Ours is the force that will bring about the wish and the will for our people to lead an honourable life with rights and freedoms. We are the ones to make a reality of this.We will bring it to life and make it a reality! 
We are struggling for independence against imperialism and democracy against fascism. No people under occupation wants to live without honour. No people wants to be under the yoke. No people gets on well with its executioners. The people organises to establish its own power.
 The place where we organise is the place that we liberate.
Loving the people is to become armed
We know that the place we will liberate is our homeland, the people we will organise are our people. Here is where weapons are concealed. Here is where fighters are concealed. On this soil we will organise where our people eat bread and drink water. The people who give us bread will also give us weapons.
 We will fight with these weapons. With them we will achieve justice. The sons and daughters of the people will fight with these weapons. And finally they will create their own army and we will liberate ourselves from the crooked and the parasites who are on our backs. 
We will step up the war of our impoverished people for justice. We will realise their fears that “they will come from the impoverished neighbourhoods and cut our throats…” We will organise all the poor, all the inhabitants of the shantytowns to tear down the palaces. Berkin was our child. Hasan Ferit, Gunay Ozarslan, Dilek Dogan… The sons and daughters of the people will drive the executioners from our neighbourhoods. 
Love of the people is about founding organisations of the people; ensuring that they administer themselves. The homeland is our great house. We will organise in support of our house and native country. We will organise to  defend ourselves. 
We will establish parliaments so the people can organise themselves. There will be People’s Parliaments, People’s Committees in all neighbourhoods. Our people have to take security precautions to defend themselves from the attacks of fascism. By setting up Militia, the people will ensure their own security. They will found their own healthcare systems, their own production, their own markets, their own cooperatives, their own energy,  their own schools.

El sitio donde nos organizamos es el sitio que liberaremos. Amar al pueblo es coger armas. El pueblo se organiza para establecer su propio poder. Amar al pueblo es crear organizaciones del pueblo para asegurar que el pueblo se puede administrar por sus propias fuerzas. Organizaremos parlamentos en los que el pueblo se pueda organizar a si mismo. Con la milicia el pueblo aseguraremos su propia protección. Organizaremos su propio sistema de sanidad, su propia producción, mercados, cooperativas, producción de energía, sus propias escuelas.

To Put An End To Our Poverty We Must Fight Against Imperialism! 
The key to stepping up the war lies in organising the people; building up the guerrillas in cities and the countryside. 
Love for people and homeland means fighting and getting others to fight. To fight means to step up the armed forces of the people and the people’s capacities. The children of the people are fighting for the future and freedom of all the people. 
Love for people and homeland means building up hope and spreading the war all over Anatolia. It means fighting until liberation with Marxism-Leninism as the road map. 
We will boost our people’s war with a new generation of fighters and commanders. 
Love for people and homeland means being a commander of the war for people’s liberation… To create a new generation of commanders. 
Our news commanders will fight, get others to fight and will march to victory. 
Our commanders will take in hand their thought, lives and all work they do with a consciousness of power; in organising our rank and file, both in the smallest activities and in conquering the country.
Our Justice Will Be As Great As Our Courage!
 Our political courage is great enough to achieve all these aims. Our history is the proof of this.
From Mahir and from Uncle we have learned two basic points  which we will never forget in continuing our march to revolution. 
To persist in always being on the side of revolution,
Whatever attacks and siege we might be subjected to, never to stint on our political aims… As always, our political courage will be made sufficient for what is necessary. 
Those Who Do Ensure Their Ideology Is Sound Cannot Fight 
To know what is right is not enough. It is necessary to have the courage to  put it into effect. The source of this courage is the line of the Party-Front. 
Ideologically an independent line is able to be principled and consistent. It can look paying the necessary price in the face.Those who do not ensure the soundness of their ideology and have no confidence in themselves can also not face up to paying a price; they make concessions when it comes to principles. And this is the start of their political deaths. All deviations, wavering and moves to reconcile oneself with the system are devoid of a Marxist-Leninist understanding and courage. Marxist-Leninist behaviour means facing up to the heaviest attacks, up to and including physical annihilation. As Uncle noted, “In today’s world, it is impossible to be strong and to fight against the enemy without facing up to being alone. The greatest force in the world is to fight against imperialism, the oligarchy and its extensions on your own, which no technology or weaponry will be able to change. This is confidence in oneself and the is ideological soundness.” 
Kurds, Turks and our people of all nations! 
Without fighting against imperialism and the oligarchy, without tearing down the power of the oligarchy, there can be no justice, freedom and democracy for us on earth. The liberation of the Kurdish people lies in the revolution in Anatolia. 
Those who say let our country be independent and our peoples free, let us unite, fight and win! In today’s world, politics without war and weapons cannot be conducted!
Sin lucha armada contra el imperialismo y la oligarquia, sin destrozar el sistema del poder oligarquico, no puede haber justicia, libertad ni democracia. La liberación del pueblo Kurdo esta en la revolución en Anatolia.

Peoples who fight cannot be defeated. With the labour of the people and patience, we will win, the people will win! 
With the Front, we will win freedom and the future for our country.
We will forget nothing and demand a reckoning  for every drop of our blood that is spilled! We will give our lives and also take lives for every acre of our country’s soil! We will die in order to give life to others, and kill in order to demand a reckoning! 
Everywhere in the country and homeland is a war zone for us. The enemies of the people are our enemies. 
Our comrades, our friends, our people! 
Saying that youth is a dynamite detonator in its effect on society, today the friends of Berkin in the high schools are continuing to grow in strength. They are stepping up their demands to render an account for Berkin, and for justice and for free education for the people. 
Youth, despite imprisonment by AKP fascism, and even if on their own in particular areas, are resisting in every part of Anatolia.
 Our friends, comrades and people!
 The People’s Parliaments will ensure the defence of the people against every form of attack, by those who threaten the lives and the property of the people, and those who want to intimidate the people.
The People’s Parliaments; created from traditions and values developed in depth by history… a legitimate force of the people not limited by laws. 
The People’s Parliaments; places where the people will learn to administer themselves, become aware of their own power, organise and build up their own strength. 
Comrades, Friends, Our People! 
The Solution Is Ours, The Solution Is In Our Hands…
The Solution Is Ours, The Solution Is In Our Unity… The Solution Is In People’s Parliaments! Today the AKP government is murdering us and our sons and daughters, even in our own houses. The AKP government is saying “We will finish off the Front supporters by putting them in prison”. Every day more of our comrades are imprisoned. Whether one by one or by the dozen, the number of our prisoners grows. Our answer to this as always, is is to step up the war and popularise the war.
 Our answer we will give to the fascist government’s policy of murder and imprisonment is to popularise the war and involve the people in the fight. We are the children of the people. We are waging people’s war and want government of the people. 
We will build up our war, starting with organising in the People’s Parliaments, committees, and the youth in the schools and universities… The people is the greatest force for us, in charge of war, government and our future. In the city neighbourhoods there is the militia, the people’s liberation fighters you will find in your palaces, and in the mountains there are the Front guerrillas. 
Our war is as the leader of the people Giap said, about turning Vietnam into a swamp for the imperialists occupying it;“Material strength can be defeated with the strength of morale, those who are powerless can defeat the powerful, the modern can be defeated with the primitive, it is military art to defeat the modern armies of the imperialist aggressors with people’s patriotism and the resolve to carry out a complete revolution.”And for this reason you cannot be defeated. You cannot defeat the people. They are the ones who create all that exists… You cannot defeat those who are part of them, you cannot defeat us who are their children.

Los Parlamentos Populares aseguraran la defensa del pueblo de todos los tipos de ataques. Parlamentos Populares serán la herramienta contra el sistema opresivo y la vía para incrementar la guerra popular.

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