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The return of the neo-liberal right in Latin America - a return far to be democratic, and backed by the US imperialism - has given new life to the neo-evangelistic sects linked to the brazilian neofascist movement "Tradition, Family and Property". The aim of these powerful entities is to break the solidarity between South America's progressive governments and the palestinian people. The "religious zionism", derived by calvinism, it's a war weapon - very far from the authentic message of orthodox judaism - against Islam : "The evangelistic sects were, by then, the first to organize, in complicity with US neoconservatives, whose committments to the zionist entity are well known, campaigns tending to associate Islam with terrorism, meaning to associate that religion with the "Axis of Evil".
Brasil is the "birthplace" of the fundamentalist movement, TFP, founded by Plinio Correa de Oliveira, an octopus able to dominate large segments of South America's capitalistic economy. Marina Silva, that strifed with socialdemocratic Dilma Rousseff for Brasil presidency, "It's a member of a sect at the heart of the global "christian-zionist" movement, greedily pro-zionist, as the jewish organisations B'nai B'rith and the World Jewish Congress. The Assemblies of God believe that Israel: "According to the Scriptures, it has an important role to be fullfilled by the end of times". For centuries the Bible scholars have reasoned on the prophecy of a restored Israel. "This is what the Lord says: I will take the children of Israel from the nations where they went. I will gather them from everywhere and bring them back to their land". When the nation of modern Israel was created in 1948, and jews where going there from all over the world, the Bible scholar knew that God was at work and that the end of the world was close".
In 1996 Mrs.Silva was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, established by the founder of Goldman Insurance Company, Richard Goldman and his wife Rhoda Goldman, heiress of Levi Strauss, the well-known jeans and wear company. In 2010 Silva wa appointed, by Foreign Policy, the review directed by David Rothkopf, former A.D. of Kissinger Associates, one of "the best global thinkers"
Journalist Wayne Madsen has reported how, against the brasilian people and PT (Partido dos Trabahadores - Worker's Party), a parallel statal structure has been created, a kind of brasilian Gladio, capable of intertwine economical, political and military interests; from the catholic and judaist fundamentalists, to the appetites of the US military-industrial compound. The judicial golpe of Temer it's the result of a long and complex action by intelligence services.
Jair Bolsonaro: homofobic, racist but, most of all, zionist.
One of the main political architect of the coup, the tycoon Jair Bolsonaro, has been the leading actor of a cerimony that took place in the water of the Jordan river, in occupied Palestine. Bolsonaro is a far-right man and apologist of the military dictatorship that blood-bathed the south-american country, he is the main candidate for 2018 presidential elections; the CIA candidate but also Netanyahu's and Lieberman's, those two butchers very much willing to see zionist imperialism taking possession of a rich continent that -
with the guerrilla experiences ended up and with the crisis of "chavism" - it's more and more exposed to neo-colonial aggressions.
Bolsonaro in support of zionist far right.
Bolsonaro's politics are based on centralization of power in the hands of a neoliberal military oligarchy : " The modus operandi of the ideology of the politicians in question is no longer as obscure as it was conventionally found in the 1990s.
The rottenly authoritarian and statalist talk present in Jair Bolsonaro through his earliest speeches was severely modified. Statalism has been eliminated almost completely as Bolsonaro joined the liberal discourse of privatization and of defense of national strategic sectors (Petrobras , especially). And it happened because of the anti-government attitude plaguing the fluminense deputy. Instead of fighting for a state concretely present in the life of citizens we witness the expulsion, through internal disputes ,of the alleged communists of the Workers Party out of most government's agencies in the country, and the Rio political men that cowardly surrender to these logics of privatization. This discourse is fashionable among the most naive and selfish brasilian youngsters and is promoted by organizations such as the Movement Brazil Free and the Mises Institute Brazil"…/a-american… ).
For these reasons Bolsonaro is a conservative, and, in foreign policy, genuflexion to the zionist entity it's a must for him.
In front of the progressist reformes by Dilma Rousseff aimed to hit "machismo" - genderism is a western sexist ideology but, in a country like Brasil, measures for the integration of gender minorities ( LGBT ) are as dutiful as laudable - Bolsonaro reacted with the usual violence characterizing a zionist bully: " Rouseff must admit her homosexuality, she must stop telling lies. If hers is a love story with homosexuals, she must state it clearly".
The "brasilian Lieberman" has blurted with those shameful words. If, as Lieberman said, the palestinian people must be exterminated even by the use of atomic bombs, Bolsonaro thinks that indios and afro-americans are "devilish" creatures to be slaved in respect of the will of God; they are animals to be caged in the name of the cynical laws of capitalistic accumulation that, from time to time, eliminates "waste" peoples. The Holy Trinity of the neocons is this: imperialism , ethnic cleansing and class exploitation.
Bolsonaro, the candidate of USA and Israel, does not hide its admiration for the nazis dictator Hitler.
Among the financial supporters of brasilian right-wing party we also find the Koch brothers, supporters of Donald Trump. The reporter Gerardina Colucci tells us that: " The oligarchy Koch and its pervasive global plot made of oil and finance has created and funded institutions, transnational lobbies and pressure groups that we have seen demonstrating in the streets from Brasil to Venezuela. A destabilizing strategy that, through the risk classification agencies, uses the Courts to subdue national economies (as we have seen with the vulture funds in Argentina)and take ownership of the resources: to take over again of PDVSA in Venezuela (the world's biggest oil reserve) or the Pre-sal oil fields in Brasil. Koch are funding the Cato Institute, that has a branch in Venezuela and to which belong many rich members of the opposition, and the Heritage Institute, that are, among other things, military advisors in high-intensity conflicts directed by the United States.
The Cato Institute, that, in Italy, has flanked various initiative of the Radical Party, provided also, to Pinochet, military advisors and economical support, while north-american journalists confirmed the proximity of the Koch oligarchy with the Ku Klux Klan. The circle narrows: Ku Klux Klan, christian-zionism and neoliberal right. The "Axis of Evil", against democracy and - as we will see - in Europe as well.
Bolsonaro was in occupied Palestine whilst the corrupted brazilian parliament empeached Dilma Rousseff from her legitimate place as President of Brasil . Question: the PT (Partido dos Trabahadores - Worker's Party) has paid toll for its proximity to Iran and the palestinian people? The music never changes: where the zionist entity is involved, we witness coup-d'etat, without regards for democracy. Until when zionist will be, saying it with Alan Hart's words, a " tumoral cancer of international politics"? The brasilian experience is to be a teacher.

Translated in English by Traduzioni Clandestine

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