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An important online newsagency of the anticapitalist-left movement in the U.S.,, has tackled one of the "murkiest secrets of israel": the kidnapping of children.
The topic has an enormous relevance and ha affrontato uno dei ‘’segreti più oscuri di Israele’’ quello del rapimento dei bambini.
L’argomento ha una rilevanza enorme e, in all probability, no european newsagency would have the firmness and the knoweledge to face it.
I will try from the beginning to focus methodologically on the matter. Writes the reporter Jonathan Cook: "The story of the kidnapped children, anyway, has been some shock necause was unexpected. These crimes were not committed against Palestinians, but against fellow jews. The parents to whom they were stolen has arrived in the new country attracted by the promise that in israel they would find a sanctuary, where nobody would ever endure any persecution".(…)
Continues Cook: "The arabness of these jews was seen as a direct threat for the existence of the jewish state, almost as dangerous as the Palestinians presence. israel has perpetrated a de-arabisation of these jews from the Middle East with the same determination werewith it had just chased awaymost Palestinians from the area".
Given this analysis of the facts, we would be facing, therefore, a double ethnic cleansing: towards the Palestinian people that for many centuries inhabited, peacefully, the region; and towards the sephardic jews, the jews-arabs belonging to the semitic group.
It is an almost unheard-of kind of double anti-semitism perpetrated by the zionist élite; the historian Shlomo Sand has revealed to the european readers, totally ignorant on the matter, that the colonialist oligarchy that founded the zionist entity following the Naqba (that is the violent eviction of Palestinians from their own land), is not originally sephardic (semitic, as the Palestinians) but azhkenazi. This is the powerful azhkenazi bourgeoisie coming from Khazaria. This élite follows the precepts of the Talmud of Babylon ignoring Torah and the jew's history - arabs and persians - who, for centuries, have peacefully shared and inhabited the region along with Palestinians, Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian peoples.
The scholar Giuseppe Zambon, an antizionist jew and edithor, explained, introducing the renowned triology of the british reporter Alan Hart - Zionism, the true enemy of jews - tha the zionist élite has an hungro-finnic origin while Palestinians, with all probability, are semitic converted to Islam for, given the historical context of the time, political and social reasons. Very important historical research, as highlighted by Zambon, emphasize this argument, uncomfortable, but solid and strongly supported by historical evidence and sources.
The venezuelan activist Susana Khalil, breaking with the usual and ineffectual historical eurocentrism, agrees with Sand and Zambon: "The azhkenazi are classified as european jews, of caucasic, slavic, arian, indo-european race. Ethnically they are not semitic (arab origin) and they represent around 80 and 90% of the global jew's population. The other jews groups are the sephardic, many of whom are of North-african origins (but are not necessarily semitic); the sephardic of Spain and Portugal, of greek-roman origins (non-semitic). These could represent around 20% of the jews. Moreover exists a minority of semitic jews (arabs), the mizrachi (including Iran, not arabs but natives of the area), that could represent 1% of the global poulation fo jews." (
Question: Do we have the documents to accuse the zionist for the destruction of the sephardic population, as keepers of an historically relevant cultural and theological tradition, all for the sake of azhkenazi's colonialism?
Again The edithor Zambon has made available a precious document: it is the letter from Ami Meshulam, son of Uzi Azulai Meshulam, chief-rabbi of the jews-arabs (Mizrachi) "imported" from Yemen to israel in the 50's during operation "flying carpet" ( Source: CIVG ). The rabbi Meshulam has been taken prisoner by the zionist entity for having denounced the genocidal policy of the "real existing zionism" that kidnapped mizrachi's children, after declaring their death, with the aim of "zionising" them, to root them out of their original jewish community. Here is the letter.
My dear friend Shahar
Peace and blessings!
Hope you're well?
I'm really ashamed that I turn to you with my troubles, unfortunately our daily condition totally disables us ...
Apparently the corrupt elements in Israel are doing everything to finish my (distroy) life ...
I was wondering if you know any strong organizations with political influence in Europe that could help me and my family including my wife , sisters find refuge for our soul, we are broken and have no more power to see no justice in this world.
We want no money, no gold and no citizenship, we just want a piece of land to provide some rest for our soul.
I do not know which countries pursuing justice without Israel's political influence that goes with evil , insult and criminality regarding our topic.
I Thank you in advance for all your help
with graet respect and Sorry for the interruption
Ami Meshulam
A shameful anti-semitic rethoric - fostered by zionist and israeli crimes - has concealed the fact that in jewish world, in the past, there have been scores of high-spirited, anticonformistic peoples : from the historian Ilan Pappe to the scientist Vananu; from the rabbis of Naturei Karta to the yemenites jews that are fighting against both zionist and wahabis imperialism. The genocidal policy of zionism aims, among other things, at deleting all that remains of laic and progressist hebrews.
Question: Why the hasbara - zionist's war propaganda - has appended the jewish communities of the west to the warmongering policies of Likud? How has been possible such a ruinous outrage?
I will recall, about this, the words of historician Diego Siragusa whom, describing this pair "jewish communities/israel" has described the jewish community of Rome as "the italian section of israeli far-right wing". Now, things are going this way, "tribalism" has taken over, although the noble dissidence abound.
Israeli zionists are not israelites and the jewish culture that sprouted from Iran, Syria and Morocco has nothing to do with the talmudistic rants of "religious zionism".
Question: israeli far-right aims to realize Great israel or Great Khazaria?
In 2004 Haaretz, the leftish, liberal newspaper, has published a documentary that went on-air in israel the 14 august of that same year, denouncing the Ministry of Health of purchasing, in 1951, under the supervision of SHimon Peres, seven X-Rays machines; those have been employed for some experimental tests on sephardic "guinea-pigs"(semitic jews).
Here are the facts: israeli officials gave orders to take in schools some 100,000 moroccan-jews children to whom were shooted, without protection, radiations 35,000 times more powerful than gamma rays. To define the devastating effects is, at least, small thing: 6,000 children died immediately, while 94,000 developed tumors and other forms of permanent damage. The purpose of the "azhkenazi zionists" was that of creating, through eugenetic sperimentation, the new low-class of israel; upon biological and not only socio-economical basis.
An operation of ethnic cleansing directed to hit not Palestinians, but semitic jews.
Question: On which basis the israeli government accuses his critics of anti-semitism?
The journalist Furio Grimaldi - using unsuspected sources (Haaretz) - tells us that: "In the program are indicated the responsibles of the project: Nahum Goldman, head of the Jewish World Congress; Levi Eshkol, prime minister; Shimon Peres, then General Director of the Ministry of War; Eliezer Kaplan, Ministry of Finance; Joseph Burg, Minister of Healthcare, accused by the yemenite rabbis as the main responsible of the kidnapping of their children. It has been this cabal that, in 1977, elected Menachem Begin as Prime Minister". (
The zionist lobby, for the sake of justice, should be subjected to a new Nuremberg Trial.
Question: the members of zionist lobby - following the footsteps of Goering and Rosenberg - should be awarded capital punishment?
After few years following the Shoah, the azhkenazi zionism - collaborator of Hitler's dictatorship ( committed a new genocide against the Palestinian people and the sephardic jews. An anti-semitic genocide, anti-arab and anti-jewish, consummed by those who pretend to build a state "for jewish only".
From concepts as ethnic or racial supremacy, despite hasbara parrots, it would never spring up any true democracy - not even the most "foolish" one - even by taking as reference the principles of "democratic-bourgeois" political science.

English translation by Traduzioni Clandestine

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